The benefits of Remote Support

LNS Remote Support is a service that combines the MyLNS portal with mixed reality technology to minimise machine downtime and provide immediate support regardless of your location. Mixed reality is the merging of the real and virtual worlds. The Hololens connected glasses are the gateway for mixed reality; they allow both the hotliner to visualise the situation and the customer to hear the advice. The customer can then interact with the device he is working on with both hands.

The support consists of access to the MyLNS portal, to obtain subject-specific documentation, as well as a physical tool such as a mobile phone or connected glasses, to facilitate communication with our hotline via mixed reality.

Receive technical drawings
Face to face with your LNS technician
Highlighted elements

This service reduces machine downtime, while protecting the planet by reducing the amount of travel required to have a breakdown repaired by a service technician.

Find out how remote support works by viewing the process.

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We won an innovation award!

During the Simodec 2022 exhibition, we participated in a competition organized by the fair in the environment and automation section. We presented the Remote Support experience that combines the MyLNS portal and mixed reality.
Our concept was very appreciated, and we are happy to announce that we won the "Jury's Favorite" award.
The jury was composed of 4 industry professionals who were enthusiastic about our approach that proposes a futuristic technology and applies it concretely to the machine tool industry for daily business.

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